Essential oils are used mainly in aromatherapy for improving health and healing. It becomes more and more popular all over the world as people are interested in alternative therapies. Many people heard about aromatherapy, but don’t exactly know how to use it in daily life.
Below are several simplest examples of how you can incorporate essential oils into our life.Lemon and orange oils are widely used in ceramic or electric diffusers with the purpose of air fragrance.
Facial steam is very popular for treatment of throat and nose diseases. For this procedure you just need to add some lavender oil a bowl with hot water, cover your head with a towel and make deep breathes of a steam.
Your usual bath or jacuzzi procedures will become much more pleasant and healthy if you add 4-10 drops of an oil you adore.
If you want to refresh and uplift your skin during the day just mix 4-10 drops of oil with some water in a special phial. The best choice will be lavender, geranium, or tea tree oil. In the same way you can use jasmine and rose essentials to fresh and flavor bed linen.
It’s pleasant to arrange a room spray. The procedure is the same as Linen spray but the concentration of oil should be more.
To revive a skin use peppermint oil and warm water with salt for hand or foot bath. Lavender oil is ideal for relaxation.
In case of cold or flu some drops of eucalyptus essential oil near your pillow will help to breathe during the night.
There are many other ways to use essential oils for healing. You can also choose the most suitable oil and find necessary concentration yourself.

health-heartThe most popular supplement oils are fish and coconut oils.
Researchers found out that coconut oil contains triacylglycerol oils which help to lose weight. These oils are sent right to the liver during the consumption. They are converted into energy and it makes metabolism faster. Coconut oil also has antidote, antiviral and antimicrobial effect on human’s body. Consuming 3-4 spoons of the oil will give you an opportunity to fill all benefits of this product. Remember that it’s necessary to use natural virgin oil as it doesn’t contain harmful additives.
Fish oil is natural blood thinner. That’s why it’s very healthy and may prevent heart diseases. It may also be used to balance blood pressure. Daily consumption of fish oil will reduce the pressure in case of hypertonia. Fish oil has such side effect like stomach upset, so it’s better to consume it with any meal.
In case of allergy to fish it’s also better not to risk and refuse from fish oil.
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